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Master in Chinese Herbal Therapy in Women´s Health, Shandong University, 2008.

Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine,

San Diego, CA, 2002.

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Cal State Hayward, California, 1995.

School of Hotel Business and Marketing, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, 1991.

Certifications and Qualifications:

-Seminar: “Hereditary, Prenatal and Pregnancy related disorders”, Kiiko Matsumoto. London, 2015.

-California Acupuncture Boards Licensure Exam, State Department of Consumer Affairs, 2003.

National Acupuncture Boards, National Council of Colleges of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, 2002.

Holistic Health Practitioner, (H.H.P. Cert# 01000330), Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA, 2000.

Massage Technician, Pacific IPSB, San Diego, CA, 1999.

Nutrition Certification (Major)/ Fitness Instructor (Minor), BS from California State University at Hayward, CA, 1995.

Doula Certification, UCSD (Hillcrest/Best Start), San Diego, CA, 2005.

-CAN Certification, Portland Oregon.

Dr. Tung’s Acupuncture Certificate.

Tan’s Balance Method apprenticeship in San Diego, California.

Coaching/ Teaching 

-Taught students in Infertility, Oriental Medicine Theory, Acupuncture Techniques, Physical Examination, and Point Location classes at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego CA and in Canary Is. Spain.

-Taught and trained students about Traditional Chinese Medicine in the clinic setting, alongside leaders in the field of TCM (Alex Tiberi/Richard Gold)

-Performed presentations on Oriental Medicine benefits to an audience of MD’s, RN’s, midwives, chaplains, social workers, psychologists and other hospice workers.

-Coached pain management with acupuncture and herbal medicine to pregnant women groups at home, births centers in hospital and private practices. Traveled to IVF centers for fertility treatments, and coping mechanisms through alternative medicine.

-Performed presentations on Women’s Health, Herbal remedies, Nutrition and body awareness to female college students in Berkeley and San Francisco.

-Coached strength, flexibility and endurance fitness training and ergonomic basics to club members and employees of corporations at Health Fitness Centers, while on house calls, fairs and corporate business offices in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.

-Assisted at a busy physical therapy and chiropractic clinic in Alameda, Ca.

Patient Care

Practicing as a licensed acupuncturist to the English/Spanish speaking communities providing acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, dietary consultations, muscle/bone testing, stretching and massage therapy, meditation, and Qi gong techniques at Pacific Center of Health, as well as to laboring, and women going through IVF procedure at the Fertility Centers of San Diego, and midwives at Best Start Birth Center, San Diego, CA.

-Provided emotional support and Spanish translations, acupuncture treatments, and relieve through bodywork at San Diego Hospice.

-Performed physical tests and electro acupuncture to athletes, Rimac Center UCSD, CA.

-Performed doula duties and in-vitro fertilization acupuncture support for expecting and hopeful mothers in home-based settings, hospitals, clinics, and in Best Start Birth Center, San Diego, CA.

LOGOTIPO ANGA (22) - copiaManagement/Organizational and Sales skills

Mastered patient tracking software and settled Insurance, Workers Compensation and Personal Injury cases.

-Managed inventory and weekly ordering and shipping of herbal granules, tinctures, patent formulas and acupuncture supplies, brochures, and retail health products while managing front office staff on policies, paperwork, medical records and charting procedures in a busy Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in San Diego.

Multinational Business Experience and Multilingual Communication/Listening Skill

Able to professionally communicate, listen to customers, staff members and employees using strong interpersonal skills, emphasizing in identifying and meeting needs in Barcelona, Palma, London, Dublin, Stuttgart, Stockholm, San Francisco and San Diego.


Teaching/Clinical Positions:

-2016: Actually in Centre de Salut Tuset, Natural & Assisted Fertility & Maternity (Barcelona.Spain)

-2016: Community Acupuncture in Durham, North Carolina (United States)

-2016:  Supervising students in clinical practice last year in “College of Chinese Medical Arts-Daoist Traditions”. Asheville, North Carolina (United States)

2016: “Nourishing Life” Center of Health  Integrative Medicine for Women, Asheville, North Carolina.

-2014-2015: Zita West Clinic, Basement Clinic and John Tsagaris Clinic in London-UK.

-2013-2014: Tuset Clinic (fertility and pediatrics specialist) in Barcelona, Spain.  

-2011-2013: Taught Japanese Meridian Therapy at AIMC Berkeley and Spanish Communication Workshops for Acupuncturists.

-2010-2011: Worked as an acupuncturist at Berkeley Acupuncture Project and Yellow Emperor Community Clinics, Berkeley.

-2009-March 2010: Acucanarias TCM University in Canary Islands, Spain (taught and translated Chinese Medical Texts from English into Spanish)

-2008- February 2010: EIS-Teck (Wellness and Nutrition Programs) Ritz-Carlton Abama Hotel Spa, Tenerife, Spain.

-2008-2010: Aloha Holistic Center, Tenerife, Spain.

2000-2008: Pacific Center of Health, San Diego, CA.

2004-2007 Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA.