Cranio-Sacral therapy is an osteopathic technique that works directly with the central nervous system. Using very gentle hand placement on specific areas of the body, this technique facilitates internal movement within the Cranio-Sacral system, which consists of the cranium a.k.a. the head, the sacrum a.k.a. the base of the spine and the spine itself, which connects the two.

Osteopathic medicine believes that the human body has everything it needs to heal itself. Over time, the bodies many layers of tissues can become stuck to one another causing adhesions or blockages within our system. These blockages limit our ability to function optimally, resulting in a myriad of symptoms including everything from pain conditions and mental-emotional disorders to headaches and allergies.

Through the release of adhesions and restrictions found within the tissues of the body, the circulation of vital fluids is restored, facilitating our bodies self-regulatory and healing abilities. In addition to the body’s fluids, this system also works to restore the position of the bones and organs in relation to the body.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is extremely gentle and intricate. The practitioner is trained to tap into the subtleties of their patient, feeling for the body’s adjustment and movement into a state of healing and homeostasis. Consider adding in a 30 minutes extra cranio-sacral therapy to the beginning or end of your acupuncture session too!