-Caso de acupuntura previa y posterior al proceso de Fecundación in Vitro (O.V)

“Dear Anga,
Thank you so so much for your treatment and thank you for receiving me so warmly in your center when I was in Barcelona in Nov 3-4. And please many thanks to Laura too at the recepción! I did HCG two blood tests Friday and Monday – and they are positive and growing levels. I still can’t believe it. I think I will believe it after the ultra sound scan, when I do it in December. I am so grateful to you!!!!! Thank you for giving me this hope! I will see how it goes later on, not quite ready to believe it just yet lol! I’m quite in shock, and I will be 46 in one month 🙂
For now I’m taking it easy and quietly, but will be ready to share my story on forums if everything goes well – after 9 months, giving names of people who helped me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!”

O.V (diciembre-2016. Barcelona)