Are you trying to get pregnant?

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help!

Are you ready to have a child, but it’s taking longer than you anticipated?

Do you feel you’re not getting the answers, support or results you hoped for?

Are you trying to conceive, and tired of feeling left out or misunderstood?

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Natural and Assisted Fertility Programme

The 5 Founding Pillars

Is this you…?

  • ‘My hormones are all over the place’
  • ‘I feel like my eggs are running out’
  • ‘I’m ovulating late again’
  • ‘I keep miscarrying’
  • ‘My IVF treatment is not working’
  • ‘I wonder if I have endometriosis, PCOS or something else which is stopping me getting pregnant?’

I understand your frustrations and quite obviously you want answers ; you want to identify any problems, fix them, get pregnant and have a healthy baby.

Sometimes, the answers do not lie solely with your doctor.

Join me and my Fertility Programme, learn the founding pillars to reset your physical and mental health and prepare to move to the next step of your fertility journey.

Five Founding Pillars will help you realise you dreams whatever you situation.

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  • 30 Mins Baby Making Discovery – Free Consultation
  • 90 mins Discovery or Root Cause Diagnosis Consultation – £90
  • 60 mins individual Follow Up – £75
  • Package: 12 sessions, 3 cycles, 90 days – 70×12 – total cost of £840
  • After getting Pregnant Package: First trimester package or Third Trimester package – total cost of £780

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If you want to get pregnant naturally, or are looking for IVF alternatives or a way to enhance your IVF naturally…

If you want to regain your belief that you can have a healthy pregnancy…


You are in the right place

Whether you have being trying for 6 months or 6 years, I can help you get pregnant and have a healthy birth and baby!

I can help you with:

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine: fertility for men and women

IVF, ROPA method, Pregnancy, Birthing, and Post-Partum treatment

Functional Medicine Coaching in Nutrition and Fertility

Meet Anga González

The only International Fertility Expert and Acupuncturist in Barcelona with a California license (LAc #9001) and a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I can help you get pregnant naturally with Chinese medicine, acupuncture, nutrition and functional medicine coaching, or with assisted reproductive techniques like IVF.

My mission is to help you believe in your fertility by empowering your body to create a healthy pregnancy.

For 20 years, I have helped families get pregnant naturally and/or through assisted reproductive techniques, and have healthy babies.

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Anga is the most gentle, kind and professional acupuncturist.

She helped me so much over many months with my anxiety, skin and fertility issues.

She 100% helped me on my way to conceiving last year and I have just given birth to a beautiful baby boy.

I am so grateful for everything Anga did for me. She is the best!!!!



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