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The 3 Phases and 5 Foundations Programme to a Natural or Assisted Baby Making Fertility Plan

How do the 3 Phases work:

Discovery Stage:

Work with me in this 2 hour in depth fertility assessment to discover what is your health presenting with, a review of your personal and family medical story and a Chinese Functional Medicine health review and diagnoses.

After stage One you will have a clearer understanding of what is causing the Fertility delay and with this information on the root cause you will be more aware of what should be the right treatment to choose.


Decision Stage:

We create your fertility plan based on the Discover Stage.


Treatment Stage:

Treatment based on the 5 Phases:

  1. Mindset
  2. Diet
  3. Treatment
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Environment

My clients are always in a relaxed and supported frame of mind while receiving support on their personalized treatment Program.

I you have reached a point on your journey where you feel with no answers, overwhelmed and confused about what to do next, connect with me. I am here to support you on your journey.


I can help you if:


  • You’re unsure about what’s causing your
  • delay and want answers
  • You feel like having your baby may never happen
  • You feel confused, anxious or overwhelmed at times about what to do next
  • You’re trying to conceive naturally
  • You’re trying to conceive with IUI, IVF or Egg Donation
  • You’ve experienced failed IUI, IVF or Egg Donation cycles
  • You’ve experienced one or more miscarriages
  • You just want some guidance and support to make it all easier

In this guide I will share with you how you can transform your fertility health by doing your part and get closer to your goal of having your baby.

Here are the most important principles of enhancing your fertility; first crucial steps for getting started; and the biggest problems on a fertility journey that cause even more of a delay in conceiving. Deciding which way to go is often the hardest part of this journey. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all thisinformation and not know how to move forwards to Pregnancy Natural Treatment and Support Program.

The 3-Step Program comes from a very different perspective compared to the usual fertility ideas thatyou’ll find in most books, websites, and events.

It’s based on the ancient Chinese medicine approach to fertility.

Chinese medicine is one of the most knowledgeable and highly tested healthcare systems in the world for understanding and transforming your fertility, and it’s been used for over 1500 years in China. This isa testament to the positive effects of this amazing fertility health system.

Over the past 20 years I’ve taken this ancient knowledge and integrated it with modern fertility medicine, and the latest fertility research and discoveries.

This has allowed me to successfully help people all over the world to conceive and give birth to their healthy babies, and create families.

Patients also experienced better health, while learning a range of new health skills.

As I started to work with my clients, I realized that there were some serious issues getting in the way of them conceiving their babies.

The interesting and important factor for me was, and still is, that most people don’t realize that these things are getting in the way, as you’re not taught to look for them.

The 3 Biggest Obstacles Stopping You Becoming Pregnant:

  1. Not knowing what is wrong and why it’s wrong.
  2. Not having a clear strategy of which steps to take next, when to take them, and how long to take them for.
  3. Type of treatment to follow.
Obstacle 1 - Trying to get clear on your situation can sometimes feel and look like it will never happen, as you spend every day trying to find the solution, whilst hearing of other people’s pregnancy success.

Medical treatments to use, and how to know if they’re having any effect.

Not knowing what is wrong and why it’s causing your delay, means that it makes it almost impossible to find a solution and know what to do to change it for the better.

The end result of having your baby can seem far of reach at times.

In fact around 90% of my clients first contact me because they are feeling confused and unclear about what is causing their delay, even when they have a medical diagnosis such as: Unexplained Infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Ovarian Cysts, Hormonal imbalance, Irregular or No Cycles or some other physical issues.

They are constantly worrying and feeling stressed about the possible causes of not getting pregnant, or carrying to full term.

One of the first questions I’m usually asked when I meet them is: “Do you think I will ever be able to have my baby?”

And this is a question that I assume you’re probably also living with every day of your life, whilst desperately longing for it to happen

It’s like walking through a forest in the dark with no map to help navigate your way through, leaving you open to walking around in circles and always coming back to the same point with no change.

You know where you want to get to, but you’re not really sure WHICH way to go, WHEN to go that way, and HOW long to go that way for. All this uncertainty is stressful, confusing and overwhelming, as decision-making is really unclear, leaving you not having a clear strategy of which steps to take next, when to take them and how long to take them for.

Obstacle 2 - Trying to take the next step on your journey without having a clear strategy in place is really difficult. And without any proper plan of action, it’s pretty impossible.

And some people become so overwhelmed and confused by the experience, and lack of direction, that they give up completely and never create the family that they dreamed of for so long.

This is a very sad situation to see happening, and particularly when all they needed was some expert support and a clear direction to get them on the right track.

Your fertility journey can end up taking a lot longer than anticipated, with extra physical, financial and emotional costs and obstacles along the way. It’s easy to feel unsure to know which methods are the very best for you.

Choices need to be made to be able to move forwards, but how do you work out whether you should use: herbal medicine; reflexology; nutrition; fertility massage; acupuncture, or emotional support; or should you skip all of the natural options and just do IVF?

If you do IVF, should it be with your own eggs, or with an egg donor – and what about the sperm too?

OBSTACLE 3 As if all of the above wasn’t enough, you still have to decide on what type of treatment to have, and where to go to get it! This in itself can be really difficult as there are so many options available.

It’s easy to feel unsure to know which methods are the very best for you.

Everywhere you look, you can find someone offering fertility support, telling you that it’s the best thing for you.

But which one do you choose for your journey?

Choices need to be made to be able to move forwards, but how do you work out whether you should use: herbal medicine; reflexology; nutrition; fertility massage; acupuncture, or emotional support; or should you skip all of the natural options and just do IVF?

If you do IVF, should it be with your own eggs, or with an egg donor – and what about the sperm too?

The amount of options is overwhelming at times, and often difficult to grasp.

It can be really scary, as you spend your time and money on something that you may not be 100% sure of – and without any guarantee of it working.

You’ve probably identified that at least one of these 3 obstacles might be affecting you, but possibly two, or maybe even all three of them. If that’s the case, then you might be pleased to hear that you’re not alone. Of the hundreds of people that I speak to each year, almost all of them are experiencing at least one of these obstacles.

The good news is that I found a solution to all three of them, which I’ll share with you here!

The SOLUTION That’s Transforming Fertility Around The World My clients were falling pregnant more quickly, had a more positive and supported fertility journey, had learnt lots of new healthcare skills, changed their emotions for the better, and had greatly improved their health. It was at this point that I realized I’d hit on a winning formula, which I will share with you so you can see how you can overcome these obstacles and gain control of your own fertility.

Over the years I developed this formula into a worldwide treatment and support programe called:

The Baby Creating Plan- 3-Steps to Pregnancy.

I’ll share with you how you can use this plan for your own journey, and benefit from everything that I’ve discovered, since I first launched it all those years ago.

If you follow my guidance, it will enable you to:

  1. Get clear about what’s causing your delay, and why it’s like that, so that you can get to the root of the situation
  2. Create a strategy and plan of action to clearly guide you through every step of your journey so that you’re clear about what happens next
  3. Feel supported and nurtured emotionally and physically, and feel motivated to keep moving toward your baby
  4. Develop exciting new skills and knowledge that will improve your general health, that of your partner, and your future baby for years to come
  5. Know that you are using the best, and right natural and medical treatment and support for your journey and health
  6. Get prepared physically and emotionally to conceive a healthy pregnancy, and feel more confident that you will achieve your dream
  7. Use this approach to prepare for natural conception, or for IVF, Egg or Sperm Donor conception and pregnancy
  8. To transform your fertility health, whether you are male or female

So let’s get going and look at what you can do.

I follow a simple principle that Chinese medicine has understood for thousands of years.

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